I used to think concepts are just concepts
humans invented
to make their lives more bearable:
Justice and Injustice, Virtue and Vice,
Intelligence and sheer Stupidity

I did see them get instantiated
by various persons, various deeds,
various pasts and
ideals, which are supposed to represent
good futures

in which the like-minded huddle together
like the beggars
devoted to finding their Utopia
in the nearby garbage bins
and contingent charities

When I saw the sheer closed-mindedness
and its child or parent
the closedmindedness
shinning out from its damp cell
I came to realize something:

Maybe those concepts are not
just concepts
Rather, they are tangible things
things as real as trains, lies, and lives
lost for blatant reasons
So are Intelligence, Virtue, and Courage
they are tangible, too
as lights passing over the battlefield
as rains washing the face of the dead
as time forgetting but not forgiving all

I confront all these embodied concepts
as an entity confronts other entities
that have flesh and blood
that live and die
that have biographies fake and true



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