Care amice, tibi est verum: venisti, vidisti, vicisti
sed mihi, inveni, eram, amavi et amo

te specto ut meam animam sentiam
te audio ut vitam canere incipiam

non dico, amor se dicit carmine——

sola res quae est aeterna est natura
viri sunt filii solis
feminae sunt filiae lunae

primo tecta et oppida fecerunt
vixerunt feliciter

deinde verba fecerunt
ut facta scribi possent

libertatem fecerunt
ut omnis vir esset suus dominus
omnisque femina esset sua regina

ardebant autem plura
bella fecerunt, bellis saeva invenerunt

atque pulchras pulchraque ceperunt
deinde fines fecerunt
ut sua tenerent

tamem, civitates et moenia et servitus fuerunt
fuerunt plura misera quam gaudia

e lacrimis deos deorumque aras fecerunt
atque homines spes in eos posuerunt

sidera fuerunt oculi deorum
terram spectaverunt et tacuerunt

sed spes quas homines in deos posuerunt
fuerunt gravissimae
sidera non erant oculi deorum

atque sunt mortes deorum
O, aeternae mortes
quae nunc noctem serenis luminibus spargunt

ambulo quaerens Omnia sidera
tene taedam mihi, care amice
dice mihi numerum eorum

video in flamma mortes fulgentes
atque vitas ardentes

mors est vita quae manet tempori
O, filius viri et umbra maiorum





Dear friend, for you this is true: you came, you saw, and you conquered
but for me: I met, I was, and I loved and love

I look at you so that I may feel my soul
I listen to you so that I may begin to sing of life

I do not say love, love speaks itself by a poem——

the only thing that is eternal is nature
men are the sons of the sun
women are the daughters of the moon

at the beginning, they made houses and towns
and lived happily

then they invented words
so that deeds could be written down

they invented freedom
so that every man is his own master
and every woman is her own queen

but they were wanting more
they made war
in wars they came upon cruelty

they captured beautiful women and things
and then invented boundaries
to keep their possessions

therefore, states, walls, and slavery came to be
miseries were more than joys

out of tears humans invented gods and altars of gods
and put hopes in them

stars were the eyes of gods
they looked at the land and were silent

but the hopes humans put in gods were too heavy
stars were no longer gods’s eyes
they became the deaths of gods

O, eternal deaths
which now sprinkle night with serene lights——

I walk searching all the stars
Hold a torch for me, dear friend

Tell me how many they are
in fire I see deaths shining, and lives burning

death is what life remains for time
O, the son of man, the shadow of ancestors

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